About Realm Shift...

In 2002, two friends, BJ Mosher and Wanda Winters
came together to promote an Event called "The Universal
Healing & Spiritual Awareness Expo." This Event was
intended to bring together people of like minds and to
introduce different modalities of the Healing Arts and
Spiritual Awareness. With the help of many, this
Website, therefore was created.
We had no idea what we were going to name it, so after many hours of racking our brains, we
decided to meditate in our own surroundings. A half hour later, I said, "Let's have  Spirit direct
us". As I was talking on the phone with BJ, I pulled out my Mayan Oracles Cards, shuffled
them, and spread them on the table. I closed my eyes and began to scan the cards with my hand. I
came to an area that was very warm and drew a card. Viola!! The Realm Shift card
appeared. This card could not have been more appropriate.  
Here is the meaning of Realm Shift.

Qualities: quantum leap, expanded reality, web of possibility, assemblage points, the unknown.

Loosen your moorings, journeyer--make room for miracles and expanded realities! You are
being asked to take a quantum leap, beyond the confines of your known reality. You and this
reality are entering a total shift of realms.
Because of humanity's mass agreement about "how reality is" you may have constructed your
reality based on fixed beliefs in such things as restriction, denial, limitation, and judgement.
However, when humanity reaches the critical threshold of change in its belief system, reality
shifts to reflect that change. Set aside how your reality appears. See the universe as an
inseparable whole--one hologram made up of a vast web of interwoven possibilities.  You can
affect and draw from that energetic field now.  You can create the reality you choose.
A shift of realms is taking place.  At this nexus of time and space, powerful galactic energies are
meeting your expanding perception of what is possible.  Anything you have defined in a limited
way is being transformed. Perhaps you have seen this expanded version of reality in moments of
extreme crisis, strong emotions, drug experiences, deep meditation, severe illness, or a
near-death experience.  After such moments, all things look different, and the potential of all
possibilities emerges.  That is because of the "assemblage points" of your reality have been shaken
Receiving this card asks you to consciously loosen your assemblage points and allow them to
remain loose.  Take a quantum leap into the fluidity of unfixed beliefs and expanded realities.  
By flexibly choosing to move into the unknown, a complete and marvelous reordering of your
world awaits you!!

"The Mayan Oracle, Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner"

BJ Mosher owns and operates the Treasure Island Gift Shop, and RealmShift Center in
Alex Bay, NY, She is a Reiki & Karuna Master Teacher and Labyrinth Facilitator.
Wanda Winters is a Integrated Energy Therapy and Reiki Master Teacher, practitioner of
Karuna and Shamballa Reiki. She also does Psychic and Spiritual Counseling,and founder of
the T.I. Spiritual Awareness Group in Alex Bay.

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