Hi! My name is Terri VanAlstyne and I am a Thriver for Life! Please  
                                        let me tell you a little about myself.  I was born May 25, 1967, in  
                                       Newark, NY, and grew up in the Thousand Island area, near  
                                       Watertown. In 1997, I married my best friend, Scott VanAlstyne in  
                                       Alexandria Bay. We have one son, Ty, and currently reside in  
                                        LaFargeville, NY
I graduated from LaFargeville Central School in 1985. Driven by a need to help others, I
obtained my Licensed Practical Nursing degree in 1987, and worked in that
capacity at E.J. Noble Hospital, Alexandria Bay, NY. But, I felt I  needed to do more. Not only
did I want to help others, but I wanted to help others to help themselves. So in 1995, I received
my     Associates Degree in Nursing from Jefferson Community College. My work continued at
the River  Hospital (formerly E.J. Noble Hospital), until I began employment at Samaritan
Medical Center in 2000 as a Registered Nurse, where I am currently employed.

Trained by my mother and teacher, Wanda Winters, I am also educated in Integrated
Energy Therapy (IET). I learned how people can truly help themselves, not only physically, but
also spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. After being a nurse for 28 years, I had seen the
illnesses that are caused from poor health and living. I have witnessed how the products that
we consume,  what we call “food”, damage our body and minds. I had a better understanding
of why people have such a difficult time getting and staying healthy. I had learned of all the
toxins and pollutants that we consume, not only through our manufactured and processed
foods, but through our drinks, skin products and the air we breathe. With my nursing
experience, I also saw
the harmful and toxic results of multi-drug use, which potentially causes even more illness and
possibly, death. I have learned that, in most cases, we are the product of our own behaviors
and habits.

I heard of Thrive through a friend. The concept of a 3 step system, that is done in the first 30 -
40 minutes of the day, that gives you sustained energy all day, mental clarity, relief of aches
and pains, weight management, and also helps with mood enhancement and healthy sleep
patterns, very much intrigued me! Composed of vitamins, pre and probiotics, plant extracts,
enzymes, and antioxidants, Thrive helps to detoxify the body, filling those nutritional gaps! I
had to try it! I did my one week sample pack and I was blown away with how much energy I
had from day one. I felt great! My joints weren't hurting me as much, the fog left my brain, and I
wasn't craving caffeine or junk food! Then, I found out it was FREE to sign up as a customer
or a Promoter! WIN, WIN, WIN!

So, now here I am Promoting this awesome, life changing company, Le-Vel and it's naturally
based supplements, made from premium raw materials.
3 simple steps:
1 - 2 Thrive capsules first thing in the morning on an empty stomach

20-40 minutes later:
2 - Thrive shake
3 - DFT patch

This isn't something that can be explained, it has to be experienced!

Check out my website and get your for FREE customer account!
or call me @315-681-3187
Terri VanAlstyne ~ RN,
Promoter for Thrive