Tara consider herself an intuitive spiritualist because she has the
ability to connect directly to the Akashic Records. Or, the All
Knowing Universal Wisdom open to all.
She teaches others how to connect to this great sister/brotherhood
of the Divine Wisdom.

Tara is affectionately known as, "The Butt-Kicking Angel", is a
Medical Intuitive Healer who conducts workshops on easy to learn
hands on healing techniques. Including a meditative Complete
Body Association techniques where one falls into God's hands
allowing healing of the body mind or spirit, while in a Alpha Theta

Her first book, "Universe on the Move," was published in 1995 and
the second edition, in 1999. Her present lecture series, "Faith to
Success. And, "Do everything easy and effortlessly, or don't do it at
all;" is all based on her tome that contains spiritual guidance to
help one fulfill a purposeful destiny and the master of your life. Tara
does personal consultations and is available for private workshops,
expos and conventions.

Love and Joy
Tara, is an intuitive spiritual transformation
crystal healing adviser, who uses many hands
on modalities of healing.
She also teaches
workshops in C.B.A., Complete Body Association,
and easy to learn preventive healing techniques.
Tara A.Rae
Visit her Website: : tararae.faithweb.com

To Contact Tara, email her taraarae@yahoo.com