Aura Experience with Suzanne

What I do is Metaphysical with
Scientific backing. My hand plate
measures your electromagnetic
field and shows your spiritual
colors and your Chakras (your
bodies energy centers). When I
look at your energy flow through
your Chakras,
I can tell you what you need to work on, if anything, to fine
tune your physical and spiritual body. If your energy flow
is blocked we will talk about which area in you life you
could work on to remove the blocks you have created. If
your energy flows freely you will have more energy, sleep
better, feel more positive and be more grounded and
focused. You will see your Aura and Chakras and I will do
an intuitive reading. I will record the reading and email it to
you along with a 30 page report that will give you a lot of
information to compliment the reading I do for you. I also
make healing gemstone jewelry to continue the healing
process. In the mineral kingdom which ever stone you are
attracted to is the one that you need at this time. I am a
Psychic Medium who was ordained in the Order of
Melchizedek and have been a light worker for 15 years.
Contact Suzanne to make an appt. call 386-478-9198