FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Will I be hypnotized?

No. You will not be “out” or “under” anything and you will NOT leave the room!
You will be completely conscious throughout the entire experience simply with
your eyes closed to allow visualization.

Will I remember what I have experienced?

You will have complete memory of what you experience. As a courtesy, your
session will be audio taped for future reference.

How will I see a past life?

Beginning with a series of relaxation and visualization techniques, you will be
able to “slip into” a former life. Some clients see the life as they experience their
current life-through their own eyes. Others see it as if viewing a videotape and
still others alternated back and forth.

May I see a particular/specific life?

Not necessarily! Usually in a first session, you will go to a life which has the most
influence upon your current life. After the first experience, I can often guide you
to a particular time or place.

Are there aftereffects?

Not of the actual experience however, some clients may have “flashes” of
memory of things they saw or heard for several days afterward.
Robert Steingraber

Robert has lived in
Syracuse, NY all of his
life,  In addition to other
types of readings, He
has been performing
Past Life Recall sessions
for over 36 years for
private clients.
Since retiring from his
previous profession, he
is now offering these
sessions to a wider
audience. He continues
his “other” long
standing career in the
CNY Theatre Scene.