Richard Tenace
a vehicle to learn more yourself, the Universe, and Spirituality.
Richard Tenace has taught about angels, divination, and ancient spirituality
for over 3 decades.
AWAKENING THE GOD FACTOR: Lifting you up to touch heaven
You are being invited to a brand new event created by Richard Tenace that
has taken 3 decades for him to formulate, create, and find a presentational
way to teach that will change the lives of all those who attend.

One of the reasons people cannot energize their spiritual life is because they
have no idea of who they are and what their potential is.

This workshop will look at many different ideas and cultures throughout
history that will demonstrate how the ancients knew what we have forgotten.
In the workshop you will learn:

*How the Universe works on the MALE/FEMALE energies. What that is and
what it means to you.

*How this knowledge can create better relationships. This workshop is great
for couples who want to get to know each other better and to learn ways to
touch the Divine together.

*This workshop will have ideas on how to create better relationships using
knowledge that will empower you and your partner to ne heights.

All recipients will receive a class notebook with over 30 pages of material so
you will not forget the key concepts presented in this lecture.

ANCIENT MYSTICAL READING TOOLS: Lifting you up by understanding the
secrets of the ancients

Everyone knows about the tarot as a reading tool. People have also heard of
Numerology, Astrology, and Numerology. But Humankind has always sought
ways to connect to the Divine. This workshop will explore many different
tools to help you understand how those in the past tried to understand
themselves and the Spiritual unseen world.

There will be demonstrations and actual readings in the class on these
interesting systems:

*Bone Throwing
*Sea Shell Readings
*Stick Reading
*Rune Stones
*Tea Leaf Reading

This is a fun interactive class which will show you how these readings work.
This is not just a boring lecture but an actual master class in  symbols,
divination, and ancient customs. And everyone who attends the class will get
a reading in one of these systems as well.

Richard will be present at a table to do a 6 page Numerology report. He will
also be demonstrating pendulums and selling his books, tickets to future
classes, and information on his readings business.
Richard Tenace is a lecturer, workshop and seminar
instructor, professional reader, and mentalist with over 30
years of experience. His workshops are designed to uplift,
motivate, instruct, and empower students to become better
than they are. His readings are an empowering experience
that will help clients not only prepare for the future but help
make them aware of their own Divinity. The tarot is used as a