NATHAN WITKOP, DC will be presenting his Acupuncture
Reflex Point muscle testing procedure (Meridian Autonomic
Technique), which tests every organ and gland and many
extra points for nutritional deficiencies.  The testing shows
where the body is lacking Whole Food Nutrition.  If the Reflex
point tested makes the muscle go weak then that point lacks
the proper electromagnetic energy, which means that person
lacks the nutrition to feed the energy of that point tested.  
This Organ or Gland needs to be fed nutritionally by the
proper whole food supplement that strengthens the energy of
that point and therefore holds the muscle strong!  Testing
includes over 60 points!  Testing specifically taps into the
body's innate subconscious program, and the body tells the
practitioner what isn't working efficiently without any history
from the patient.   This could show an organ or Gland being
off before lab work would (ex: Thyroid Gland isn't off on lab
work until it is way too late to treat naturally.  The thyroid
panel tests TSH levels, which is a hormone that comes from
the Anterior Pituitary Gland in the brain.  There is no lab to
test the actual Thyroid gland itself and the nutritional
deficiencies of Iodine, Iodide, and Selenium which cause
most Thyroid issues).  I show how Standard Process Whole
Food Organic supplements and Mediherb Herbal supplements
can actually make the weak points strong again.  I even can
test to ask the body how many of the supplement is needed
per day.   The patient knows they are getting better as the
number of supplements taken per day decreases, and at that
point they are typically starting to feel much better!  Dr.
Nathan Witkop's office is located in Massena, NY on 213 Main
Street across from Sacred Heart Church!

Muscle Testing will be just a part of it.... I’ll go into everything
I know about Frequency Healing and the Electromagnetic
Spectrum!   But, with the talk I will prove to everyone the
science of Muscle Testing with the theories behind
acupuncture and the Science of Nikola Tesla, which proves all
form of Energy Work!   Anyone in our group can come, but
please send this to anyone who is on edge with any form of
Alternative Modality cause the talk and the "show and tell"
with the talk will prove things that a lot of Skeptics may have
a hard time with when it comes to any form of Frequency
Healing Modality!  Muscle Testing taps into the pure
subconscious mind and unlocks the innate truths of the
body!  I find most people coming to me already know
subconsciously what is off in their body and the muscle
testing just proves what they already knew, but it adds a level
of Confidence to what they already knew and they can make
the necessary changes in Lifestyle to attune the body where
the energy is lacking!  A new lesson that i have
learned/realized is that we all understand the darkness and
think we fear the darkness, but the TRUTH is that we truly
Fear the Light because the Light brings the True
Transformation necessary to shift past failed systems!     
Thanks and please share with friends!  
Dr. Nathan Witkop's office is located in Massena, NY on 213
Main Street across from Sacred Heart Church!