Dr. Renee DeSocio, Ph.D.

        Internationally Known Energy Healer

Energy Reconstruction is a healing system developed by Robert Michels.  
This technique of Energy Healing changes the way energy is used by the
body.  It is the reconstruction of energy patterns that hold and support your
physical body, which are blocked or torn which may be causing you
physical, mental, emotional or spiritual pain---to all levels of your being!

Energy work is a form of alternative medicine which relies on the idea that
the body is filled with and surrounded by energy fields that can be
manipulated.  By working with these energy fields, practitioners can promote
harmony and balance for their clients addressing specific medical conditions,
in addition to easing emotional distress.  Energy work takes a variety of
forms and is offered worldwide.

The health of the human body and mind rely on stability in the energy fields
around the body.  If the energy flow is blocked or disturbed, someone may
feel a corresponding illness or emotional issue.

We are made up of a multi-body system, as shown above, not just the
physical body.  We have several layers.   Things don’t just affect us
physically, we are affected on all levels.

There are 7 major chakras in the chakra system and each corresponds to a
different aspect of our being.  Each chakra also has a characteristic color.

Correspondence to the aspects of our being includes
Root—the body, vitality, survival, sex
 Sacral—emotions, sensations, shadow self
Solar Plexis—sense of self, ego, will
Heart—love, acceptance, allowance
  Throat—speech, expression, communication
     Third Eye—vision, psychic knowledge, thought
Crown—spirit will, wisdom, openness

We can have energy patterns stored in our chakras from events that
happened yesterday as well as from many years ago.  Some of these
memories will be happy memories and some will be unpleasant and painful
memories of something that happened to us.  Sometimes we stash them
away deep into some recess in our chakras and the energy fields around us
called an aura, and try to forget about them, but they don’t really go away.
Throughout our lives we pick up negative forms of energy such as fear,
doubt, anger, judgment, criticism, blame, and others.
Dis-ease is a manifestation of unbalanced energy!

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Dr. Renee DeSocio, Ph.D.