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B.J. Mosher
Reiki and Karuna Reiki Master, Integrated
Energy Therapy Practitioner
Labyrinth Coordinator and Facilitator
B. J. Mosher has been working with the Healing
Arts for many years offering her clients a peaceful   
and  gentle form of self healing. Whether through Reiki, IET or
Chakra  Balancing, her clients leave with the feeling of love, healing
spiritual  well-being. Her Reiki Classes offer a way to teach self
healing and to facilitate the healings of others. She offers Reiki
sessions as well as Reiki  and Labyrinth classes.

B.J. and her husband Alex, own and operate the Treasure Island
Jewelry and Gift Shop and The Realm Shift Center in Alex Bay, NY.
All their gems and crystal jewelry are cleansed and infused with
positive energy of love, light and healing.