Mr. Sabir
       International Astropalmist

-Do you often wonder why your relationships fail?
-Are you experiencing stress in your life but don’t
know how to deal with it?
-Do you wonder what is the best path in life for you,
your children, or loved ones?
Let me read your destiny and help you find the
answers to these questions.
My name is Ghulam Sabir. I am primarily a palm reader
but I also incorporate my psychic abilities into my
readings. I have been practicing palmistry since I was
a young child in South Asia. A teacher read my palm
at an early age and encouraged me to learn more
because he believed I had a true talent for it.  I worked
with him for several years and read many books
searching for more information. I also traveled to
many countries to study with other palmists. One
thing I found after reading many books, without a
good teacher you can't learn .
I am lucky I met a great teacher.
Palmistry is an ancient and reliable art. It is a tool that can
be used to discover the truth and helps us to make better
decisions in our lives. The lines in our hand do not lie. I
can study these lines and tell you things about your real
destiny of your future. I believe that as all people need a
doctor for their physical health, they should also consult
with a palm reader for their emotional health and
I can also help you get rid of negative energies and spirits
in your home. Are there noises keeping you from a restful
sleep?  Do you feel an unexplained, unwanted presence
in your home? I can exorcise these spirits with prayer.
If I can help you with any of these problems, contact me at
315-262-6522 or at or
WhatsApp  if you like to talk at Skype ask me I will give you id of Skype
Visit my Website @

A general palm reading/psychic session is $50.00.  A more in depth study using
palm printing is available for $100.00.  Online  just question  $10  for each