Andrew's goal is to show that there is beauty and perfection in everything that happens.
is no "good" or "bad" situations, only events pushing us closer to our truest self,
teaching us non-resistance.

"I want to bring people from their religious branches, from their comfortable words and
their individuated thoughts, and connect them to the root of the tree where all nutrients
and connections exist as one."

With years of practice Andrew Provides a safe ceremonial space for consultations and
self healing. If you have been looking for a customized journey through your complete
self, you found it. "I hope to guide you on a journey showing your strengths,
weaknesses, talents and future possibilities."

To contact Andrew Call
(518)-420-2540 or Email him @

Andrew has a love for all beings. He enjoys being outdoors
communing with nature, and the natural cycles and rhythms of
life.  He enjoys living his dreams coaching skiing, and providing
guidance and healing through Astrology and other ancient
shamanic practices.  He has trained in many traditional and
modern shamanic practices; including Shamanic Healing, Crystal
Healing, Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki, Munay-Ki, and
Planetary healing practices.
Andrew Wilson